Disadvantages And Disadvantages Of Identity Aft: Wea In Identification System

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Compared to the previous model without a file, this model has three advantages:
- If the chip card is muted (imitated or altered title), it is possible to verify the identity of the wearer by selecting his identity in the database and then comparing his biometric data with those contained in the biometric base corresponding to the displayed identity;
- The renewal of a card is simplified and secured. One selects by identity to obtain a biometric characteristic that is compared to that of the wearer;
- The uniqueness of the identity is ensured on the occasion of the issue of the title. Indeed, if the individual has a title under another identity, his biometric data will already have been recorded in the database and the system will notice it. Of course, it is not possible to know what this other identity is. But, this is enough to detect an attempt at identity theft.

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However, identification systems are more often deployed in large-scale environments, anywhere from tens of thousands to tens of millions of users. In these applications, biometric identification is not replacing passwords or PINs – it is pro- viding new types of fraud-reducing functionality.
Fraud Detection. Identification systems are deployed to determine whether a person’s biometric information exists more than once in a database. By locating and identifying individuals who have already registered for a program or service, biometrics can reduce fraud. In a public benefits program, for example, a person may be able to register under multiple identities using fraudulent documentation. A person can also obtain fraudulent identification such as a driver’s license. Without biometrics, there is no way to be certain that a person is not electronically registered under a different

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