Dove Case Analysis

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SWOT analysis:
Strengths: Weaknesses:
• Unilever’s worldwide establishment
• Unconventional marketing strategy
• Word of mouth and Word of Mouse free publicity
• Campaign has a strong emotional touch
• Social responsibility- Dove established self esteem fund, which conducted self esteem workshops along with Girl Scouts to improve the self esteem of girls
• Dove’s brand loyalty • Best known for functional superiority, i.e. beauty bar which does not dry the skin
• Changing perceptions of people is difficult
Opportunities: Threats:
• Huge opportunity to develop products for other target customers, i.e. male users
• Communicating one advertisement message throughout the world
• Inclusive of 98% of the target market which is largely …show more content…

Dove devised a brand positioning strategy. Dove introduced various beauty products through category extensions.
Brand meaning makes people to anticipate a particular capability of a brand/product. Prior to the year 2000 Dove differentiated ( 269 Kotler, & Lane, 2008) itself from other soaps with its excellent moisturizing and cleansing capabilities. In the year 2000 Dove took advantage of brand equity ( 242 Kotler, & Lane, 2008 ) to launch other beauty products. Dove tried to extend the brand meaning beyond the functional capabilities through “Campaign for Real Beauty”.
This definitely poses challenges to marketers. Now marketers should not only concentrate on the functional benefits of the brand they should also concentrate on emotional benefits ( 241 Kotler, & Lane, 2008 ) of the brand.

Dove used Buzz and Viral marketing techniques ( 546 Kotler, & Lane, 2008 ) to send the message of their product to the audience. Dove’s started a video campaign “Evolve” in which normal woman turns into a billboard model and used Youtube as medium to reach the audience. This kind of marketing technique gives insight to user responses after viewing the video which is great wealth information. This marketing technique also grabbed the attention of both people and media. This video campaign was gone viral by word of mouth and word of mouse ( 546 Kotler, & Lane, 2008). Dove’s successful

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