Dutch Lady Milk Industries

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[1.0] INTRODUCTION [1.1] Background of the Company After World War II, some local importers and wholesalers of Malaysia imported sweetened condensed milk in wholesale quantities from a large company in Holland. To market this milk, a Singapore based company named Friesland (Malaya) Pte Ltd was formed in 1954. One of the brands that this company started selling was called the Dutch Baby brand. In 1963, a sweetened condensed milk factory was commissioned in Petaling Jaya, and Pacific Milk Industries (Malaya) Sdn Bhd came into existence. It took the factory around two years to start its operations for manufacturing sweetened condensed milk. In 1968, Pacific Milk Industries was made to go public and be listed on the Stock Exchanges of Kuala…show more content…
* “To create value for our owners, in short and long term, by means of profitable diary activities.” * “To develop, produce and market a broad range of reliable, natural and nutritious dairy products that contribute to well-being and vitality of life.” * “To recognize that know-how, quality, dedication and leadership of our employees are the most crucial assets to achieve our targets.” The purpose behind diversification and innovation for Dutch Lady has not only been to benefit from changing consumer tastes, but also to provide its loyal consumers with added nutrition with every new product. Dutch Lady believes in creating value for consumers by coming up with a new level of nutrition after every few years. [1.5] Parent Company One of the reasons for success in its innovative activities has been the support from the holding company, Royal Friesland Campina. Apart from Dutch Lady Malaysia, Friesland Campina has three other companies in Malaysia: Friesland Campina Business
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