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Educational Philosophy

I have an eclectic philosophy of education that I derived from a wide range of pre-existing philosophies. I identify most with the philosophies of essentialism and perennialism. In my opinion, students should have a strong foundation in the core curriculum areas of English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. After all, house built on a weak foundation will not stand. I also prefer the perennialist’s approach of studying the classics like Homer, Shakespeare, Milton etc. Everything in the present is a product of the past, for this reason I feel like the great works of the past still have relevance today.

I first realized that I had a desire to become a teacher when I moved to North …show more content…

Thus, eliminating the problem of students goofing off in the back of the room. Furthermore, this seating arrangement benefits those students that are in the back of the class that often having difficulty hearing or seeing what’s going on. It is more convenient for students to make the transition from individual work to group work because they’re already in groups. In regards to individual work or testing where cheating may be a concern, I will have the students put up two folders as blinders. The students will stand two folders up at ninety-degree angles so that it makes a little cubicle around them. As for bulletin, I plan to let the students be involved in the bulletin boards so they feel they have ownership in the class. In other words, since they don’t have control over how the class is run I will give them a reasonable amount of control over the bulletin boards. That way the kids have a chance to express themselves as creative individuals. I look at this as almost an existentialist approach to bulletin boards. I plan to keep a very organized and structured classroom. I will keep the computers in an appropriate location, possibly against an unused wall. I will keep my supplemental materials put up in a closet or cabinet. At the beginning of each year I will seat the class alphabetically. This is a good idea because it would reduce the number of social cliques. By allowing the students to choose their own groups, it would cause cliques to form and

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