Effective Communication And Health And Social Care Settings

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This essay will explain the different roles of effective communication in health and social care settings. The communication between colleagues service users and also why multi agency working is important in effective communication. It will include all the communication forms which are interpersonal interactions, communication and language needs and preferences. Effective communication when having conversation with the service users even work colleagues when having an effective conversation. No one will get confused and will be able to understand the conversation by explaining it in detail. Multi agency working is really important to effective communication because multi agency working is part of multi-disciplinary team. (Stretch and Whitehouse, 2010)
Multi agency working is important because it is really beneficial for not only children but for vulnerable people and their families too. This is really important for effective communication because it helps to understand the needs of children their parents, carers, different services and even agencies. That way practitioners will work together to make sure they provide the correct service that the child and their families may acquire. (Stretch and Whitehouse 2010)
It is important to have good communication skills between your colleagues and service users, so that you can provide clear information to them and receive clear information back. That way you will be able to co-operate correctly, therefore you can report and record…
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