Effective Communication

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Communication and Effective Communication

Khaled Nashaat Mamdouh

HROB 501- M9- ID: 7-3691
Dr. Ahmed Amin
January, 21st, 2007
A. INTRODUCTION Determining or figuring out the level of importance of communication in any organization or even between people in their daily lives is fairly impractical. No one can ever resolve the significance of communication because it is such a gigantic topic with many different definitions and understandings. Also communication and gaining communication and interpersonal skills is again such an "easier said than done" profession. Communication is such an essential skill –could be even considered a talent given to certain people instinctively-. Miscommunication could cause to
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The function of the feedback is to determine whether the message has been appropriately delivered or not because if the message has been sent and wasn’t verified that it has been understood properly then there is no way that the effectiveness of the process could be measured. http://www.soc.iastate.edu/extension/publications/Soc2.pdf Stimpson,P. 2002. Another implication of communication and the process involved is a term called efficient communication. Efficient communication is communication that "occurs at minimum costs in terms of resources expended." One of these resources that could be costly is time. Time is always an essential factor regarding any organizational process especially communication. It is also true to say that for effective communication to take place it doesn’t necessarily have to be efficient, because effective communication will definitely cost more and so the process won’t be considered efficient. Thus, we can conclude that the main goal of communication is to be a compromise between both effective and efficient communication.
(Schermerhorn, 2005.) The question now which pops in everyone’s mind, why effective communication is that important and why do organizations pay a lot of attention to it. Effective communication positively enhances the speed of decision making by means that when the staff act effectively in communication this aids the process of fact decision making and in the end results benefits for the
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