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Effective Communication Paper Communication is important for any kind of environment. The technique, which has been effective and ineffective at the same time, is the team approach and feedback. These techniques are good because this will allow a person to receive feedback and improve in any areas that an individual needs to improve. This can be useful in health care work because of how some health care workers are already doing self-assessments. Self-assessments are important because this will allow the team to improve and, allow the team to brainstorm any ideas together by improving together. The most effective technique for sharing information and ideas would be the team approach and feedback. For the most part the team approach has …show more content…

Knowing that a person can receive negative feedback can make a person not want to function that well as a team. I know when working personally with teams that having a negative attitude about feedback is not good and will not get you anywhere but losing a job. “(Belschak, 2009, para.2 states this helps to strengthen employees’ education and understanding of outcomes).” These techniques can be useful in the healthcare by having

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