Effects Of Nursing Uniforms On Children 's Emotional Responses

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In healthcare uniforms is a major part in the identification of different professions. To children in the healthcare environment, uniforms become a distraction not a source of identification. Recently Waikids staff at Waikato Hospital has had cartoon and bright coloured uniforms swapped for new plain uniforms for cost cutting reasons. Consequently removing cheer from the children’s ward and something that makes sick kids brighter. This literature review looks at the effects of nursing uniforms and the significant effect they have on children’s emotional responses and how nursing staff feel about uniforms for identification and professional purposes. This stems from a personal interest in what hospital staff can do to make children’s experience in hospital an amiable experience.
The effects nursing uniforms have on children’s emotional responses are a contemporary research topic with many comparable findings. The articles selected have been peer reviewed and are from recognized data bases. The nine quantitative research articles, ranging in publication dates from 2006– 2013 were carefully chosen for review. Quantitative research has a range of different methodologies to follow, this allows for researchers to modify their research appropriately. Each article has advantages and disadvantages with their study designs, though some designs were more accurate and representative. In the articles reviewed, children’s response to different uniforms is the main focus; different…
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