Evaluation Of The Success Of Debenhams

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1.1- This report provides an analysis and an evaluation of the success of Debenhams. In order to analyze the business, several aspects must be taken into consideration such as financial elements: profitability, managing costs and non-financial elements: customer base, reputation and many others. The report is going to cover most of these factors to justify the success of Debenhams. Results of the research and data analyzed show that Debenhams has increased in trading activity and reputation through the years exceptionally; from a single store in London to a worldwide known brand. Their business performance has been growing due to their employment process, business and marketing strategies, franchising and customer satisfaction methods. In…show more content…
2015). 2.3- Debenhams is a British multinational company which was founded in the 18th century. It commenced its retailing activity with as a single store in London. If we trace the history of Debenhams, we will find out that the store was established by William Clark in 1778. Throughout the years, several people started investing in the business which made it end any family member involvement and the business became a public company in 1928. By 1950, Debenhams became the largest store in the UK, owning 84 other companies and about 110 stores. The owners and investors of the company had an aim to internationalize the company and they achieved their target in 1997 when the first international franchise store opened in Bahrain. Since then, Debenhams has been showing a rapid growth in all the dimensions of the organization (Debenhams, 2015) . This document is going to analyze the business’s success and identify its key factors helping it to achieve such a high position. 2- Findings 3.1- Nowadays, Debenhams offers its customers a wide range of brands and product from different departments such as womenswear, menswear, children wear, health and beauty and even home and furniture (Debenhams, 2015). Such a growth and success must be discussed and justified and this section is going to high light the key factors of how Debenhams achieved this high level of success and reputation. 3.2- Focused on UK retail 3.2.1 Despite the importance of the

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