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SECTION I Project Introduction 4
Explanation and Definition of Hotel Outlet 4
Explanation and Description of Sample Hotel’s Chosen 4
Summary and examples of what “others” have said about the Outlet 7

SECTION II Standardized Recipes, Converting and Costing 10 Introduction; The importance of Standardized HACCP Recipes and Cost Cards 10 Standardized HACCP Recipes 11 Cost Cards 21 Comparison of
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Because of the foods that provided by the lounges are mostly simple and delicate, lounges do not required a huge and spacious room for a preparation area. It owns a mini kitchen that for food storage and preparation.

Ritz-Carlton Hotel’s Lounge Menu:
Four Season Hotel’s Lounge Menu: Mandarin Oriental Bangkok’s Lounge Menu:

Lounge is a place that to relax and enjoy people, so there are some requirements of employees who work in the lounge of the hotel. In order to make the quality of the hotel consistently and the quality of employees, some company might encourage employees to take some lessons like leadership, customer satisfaction, customer service. There is a list on the website that tells people what basic requirement for applying jobs in Ritz Carlton Hotel. They need people with enthusiasm, responsiveness, passion, good communication skills and quick mind.

The Lobby Lounge (Ritz-Carlton Hotel’s Lounge in San Francisco): it is a newly renovated lounge with great appearance as well as a number of choices for food and drink items. Guests could enjoy themselves in a classic space with most sophisticated selection of wines and cocktails.

Windows Lounge (Four Seasons Hotel
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