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1. What is the content of the KBSR? 2. What are the types of pedagogy and assessment in KBSR? 3. How the communication elements took part in the KBSR syllabus? 4. What is the content that is emphasized in KSSR? 5. What are the new variation method and assessment do you apply in KSSR? 6. In what way the KSSR syllabus give effectiveness to the teachers and students? 7. What are the responses from the students regarding the KSSR syllabus? 8. How about the students’ progress and achievements towards implementing the KSSR syllabus? 9. In what way the workload differs from KBSR and KSSR? 10. In your point of view, which syllabus is more effective and which one did you prefer that suits you and why it is so?

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These methods are more entertaining, making the students to be more excited and engaged in the class more actively. (6)

Most of the students reacted positively towards the KSSR syllabus. Mainly because the activities are much more exciting than the KBSR as the students are more involved and they do most of the talking. KBSR’s design of the curriculum is linear,they study according to the syllabus and it is more to teacher-centered learning, which is boring for the kids. Whereas the KSSR, has activities like role-playing, watching videos related to the subject, presentation and a lot of group work activities. Experiencing these changes, most of the students are now more attentive as the activities are more captivating. (7)

It is safe to say that the students are progressing, positively and their achievements are quite promising. One of the reasons why is because of how the teachers approach the students. Basically, the KSSR system is operated almost similarly to mastery learning, as they will study the syllabus topic by topic, chapter by chapter. Unless every student manages to pass the test of a certain topic, the teacher will not move on to the next topic. Students who failed the said test will be given extra attention while the other students who passed will go through several enrichment exercises. This way, no students will be left behind. (8)

As the system are greatly different, the workload differs as well. The KSSR

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