From The Learning That I Learned From The Relational Leadership

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From the learning that I learned from the relational leadership class. Many academicians describe about many theories of leaderships, such as a leader who can lead people must born to be or a leader can develop and learn how to be a leader. However, a good leader has to have abilities to perform his or her position. Especially, the leader must have the human skills which have abilities to communicate and to get along with other people. When people communicate and misunderstand each other, it will be make a conflict within a team. The conflicts can affect to employee’s performance and employees’ satisfaction with their jobs. McKee & Massimilian explained that “Resonant Leaders are in tune with the people around them. They know and can…show more content…
When he wake up problems. He spends a lot of time to renew himself. He understand what he want and go through his goal or his dream, listen his voices, does not avoid employees’ opinions, must accept a failure and keep relationship with friends, family and employees. The failure that happened in the past can teach and improve to be better in the future. A good leader must learn from the mistaking and accept it. The other topic is the active listening skills. A good active listening should encourage people to think, speak up, try to understand people feeling more than people speak, have many different ways to deliver messages to others, and should take a short note when people said or discuss.
I will apply from the learning that I had learn to my life. I will control my stress, I usually put a lot of pressure to do everything in my life. I like everything perfect, so it makes me can easy to get stressful. Halkos & Bousinakis suggested that “As expected, increased stress leads to reduced productivity and increased satisfaction leads to increased productivity. When work begins to overlap with workers ' personal life this implies a negative effect on productivity” (2001, para 1). When people get stress and do not have to reduce it, it will affect to their health such as stomachache, headache or illness and they cannot make a good decision. Also, it will affect to work in organizations and less productivities. I think the way to reduce a stress is
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