Function Based Classification Case Study

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Abstract: In this term paper study discuss about the important and aim of the study in this article assist to know how managing electronic records at public agencies in Malaysia using function-based classification. Electronic records ensures that the information of organization has the records it needs when they are needed. It is information captured through electronic means, and which may or may not have a paper record to back it up. According in this article, the Department of Syariah Judiciary Malaysia is the first investigation case that serve the function to make the snapshot that can be used at certain time for the future. The process of classifying records for retrieval, appraisal and disposal more easily when used the function based classification model. Development of function based records classification from context level to decomposed diagram using IDEF0 tool by experts academically and professionally. The case study was taken by Malaysian legal records. Function-based classification that show the context for records rather than content other than support proactive management of records.

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The record centre should be safe, efficient, clean and economical. Then, the records should be organized and classified properly. Classification is a systematic arrangement in groups or categories according to the original order by provenance and respect de fonds. Library classification between record classifications is different from each other. Function based classification is a short form for FBC. FBC is the one of the tools to ease the process of classification and retrieval (Robinson,

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