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MGMT 497 – Case Studies EXAM GAP – 1. What are the key elements of the company’s strategy? Is it working? a. Redesigned websites and established online presence for all Gap Brands (Gap, Old Navy, BannaRep, piperlime, Atheleta) to allow customers to shop for all brands in one cart for greater functionality and more convenient shopping experience. This e-commerce platform utilized service innovation as its key strategy. Became known as one of the best e-commerce sites in retail (pg. 164) b. Expand to new markets internationally in Asia, the middle east, and Europe (Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, South Korea, Greece, Russia...) (pg. 166) c. Reduce outstanding debt and consistently increase dividend payments to shareholders for …show more content…

f. Continue to enhance the company’s technology utilization with the most up-to-date systems for continued improvement in operational abilities, including logistics and management. g. Promote better company image with continued charitable work and non-profit partnerships to establish enhanced company image and presence in the markets. h. Continued focus moving forward on internet accessibility and abilities for its consumers, the media and networking industries are continuously evolving and Gap should keep up with changes. i. Establish better research and development processes and ideas to bring unique fashions or lines with designer partnerships and exclusive products. II. INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT: key elements of the corporate culture 1. Provide specific strengths (by area of operations): a. Marketing & Sales –highly recognizable ads established on television, radio, and magazines that emphasized style and fashion. Ads associated to music and the arts differentiated Gap from many other companies marketing strategy (pg. 168). b. Operations Management – successful reduction of Gaps inventory carrying costs by keeping inventory in near by distribution centers, which could be quickly shipped to stores. c. Research and Development (R&D) – company successfully transitioned into ordering processing to a new system that allowed its e-commerce division to process orders faster with greater accuracy along with

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