General Electric Company Presentation Essay

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Purpose: After hearing this presentation. The prospective investor will have to proper knowledge and information to purchase stocks in the corporation. * Thesis: General Electric is the world leader in research and development, manufacturing, and international cooperation.
General Electric has been the cornerstone of innovation for over a century. Employing over 36,000 technologists around the world.
The manufacturing and development branch has played a huge part in creating imports and exports to spur the U.S. economy.
GE’s corporation has branches in almost every continent to allocate ideas and build vital infrastructure to improve the standard of living throughout the world. * Transition: All these functions of
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GE’s spirit reflects the values used to represent the companies solid foundation to lead change as business evolves
These values ask every GE employee to recommit to a common set of beliefs about the work in the world
Passion, curiosity, resourceful, accountable, teamwork, commitment, open and energizing
Always with unyielding curiosity
Transition: Wherever General Electric applies itself it succeeds while making the world a better place to live
GE is ranked by Forbes, Fortune 500, and many other companies as one of the most admired companies in
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