HRM for a new Hotel

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Contents 1.0 Introduction The Headrow Hotel is a much-loved local landmark in Leeds city centre and was first opened in 1904 by the York family, with its location being ideal for the local business community and booming nightlife. The directors have recently decided to make major changes to the hotel by advancing it from a 3 to a 4-star status over the next twelve months. This specific objective will involve a more professional approach to the hotel’s operations with drastic alterations being made to the current old-fashioned standards of service through the addition of a Human Resource Manager. By employing this particular member of staff they hope to first identify, then address the hotel’s present human resource issues …show more content…

2.1 Future Problems In addition to all the complications that the hotel faces, there are several new potential problems that can arise upon upgrading the hotel to a 4-star status. With the added extras of a health spa and swimming pool comes the requirement for increased workforce and skill sets in order to deal with all the new refurbishment adjustments. New staff must be employed and trained by the hotel to handle the redecoration and refurbishment that is to take place, and the increased skills that will be mandatory for staff who are operating in precise areas i.e. specialised training for spa staff. Another possible problem is the customer complaints that the hotel could receive. With most of their complaints being related to staff it is central for the Headrow Hotel to ensure they attract, train and retain their staff decorously so that everyone is satisfied with their role, and even have someone who they can report their own individual workplace issues to. Failure to attract the right staff who are devoted to their job could result in a further decline in the hotel’s reputation, hence it is crucial that the Headrow Hotel adopts the appropriate policies that match the services needed from new employees. 3.0 HR Planning When producing a HR plan it is vital that the integration of the design matches the corporate strategy of the business and that the objectives are in correlation to the time scales specified. In this case, qualitative methods should

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