Healthcare Organizations Face Many Challenges In Not Only

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Healthcare organizations face many challenges in not only delivering care but also meeting the needs of the consumer. Pocahontas Memorial Hospital (PMH) is a Level IV trauma center servicing the south eastern part of West Virginia is no different. PHM services Pocahontas County’s population of 8,719 with diabetes education, community outreach, emergency services, skilled rehabilitation services and laboratory services, just to name a few, in a 25 bed critical care hospital and rural clinic setting (PMH, 2016). PMH is considering expanding care to include a satellite clinic to help meet the needs of its residents. This paper will discuss the feasibility of opening the satellite clinic with information regarding internal and external …show more content…

Increasing the statement to include PMH’s commitment to all residents and providing a positive experience could be a plus (Ginter et. al, 2013). By starting a satellite clinic, residents in the communities outside PMH’s geographic location will feel more inclusive. Additionally, making the mission and values statement align with total health and wellness with a focus on primary/preventative care will also add to PMH’s success. Assessment In order for the project to be successful, there must be buy-in from those who are affected. Those stakeholders, according to Friedman and Miles (2006) are any group or individual who can affect or is affected by the achievement of the organization objectives. Consideration should be given to both internal and external stakeholders when strategic changes are made (Ginter et. al, 2013). Internal & External Stakeholders In the case of a PMH satellite clinic, the patients and their families, along with employees and the board of directors serve as internal stakeholders. Patients and families, along with some employees, may find the satellite clinic is closer to their residence than the original PMH location increasing access to healthcare. Additionally, the workload for employees may be reduced in the original location as the satellite clinic absorbs some of the load which could lead to reduced

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