How Did Benedict Arnold Win The Patriots

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Benedict Arnold was a patriot after all. He fought more battles for the patriots than for Great Britain. He served the 13 colonies for longer than he served Great Britain. And he did defect to Great Britain, but not for the reasons that we think.
At the end of his military career for the Patriots, Benedict was a Major General. He fought and won 8 battles for the patriots. Of which included Fort Ticonderoga, West Point, and Quebec City. Benedict also planned many of the attacks for the patriots. He only fought in 3 battles for Great Britain.
His military career started in March 1775, in Connecticut where he was elected captain of the militia. He served the patriots for 5 more years after that, fighting in the battles of Quebec, The Cedars, Valcour Island, Ridgefield, and Saratoga. Also he marched 1,100 men from Cambridge to Quebec. Although he did serve the British, he only served them for one year, from 1780-1781.
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He wasn’t getting enough money or recognition in the continental army. Other civilian leaders were getting more recognition than he was, even though he served the patriots faithfully for five years. Arnold did accomplish more for the British than the patriots though. He won 3 battles and had the rank of Brigadier General, which is one rank below major general, in one year. In the end Benedict Arnold did almost cost war.
So who is Benedict Arnold? A patriot? A traitor? We need to stop classifying Benedict as a traitor and start classifying him as a man who made mistakes. But at the end of the day his patriotism amounts to more than his

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