How Effective Global Advertising

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This paper focuses on how effective global advertisements with respect to cultural effects in India. In other words, the purpose of the paper is to find out whether a global advertisement will be effective; is it affected by culture, region especially in India. Global Marketing is the strategy used to increase sales and profit of a brand in international marketing through single message (Reference, 2016). In recent times, Global markets have increased significantly. In past few years international markets have grown faster than the domestic markets indication the growth of globalization. Most of the companies enter international markets for profits and to increase the sales. Some companies enter the international markets when their domestic market has reached maturity. One of the good examples is Coca-Cola. (Gillespie, n.d.). The most common paradox in global advertisement is “Think Global, act local”. It is know that thinking and behavior patterns are equally influenced by ones culture. (Mooij, 2010). Global marketers suggest that global youth segment with homogenous desires. That is localized versions of youth culture evolve when global youth cultures are available.(Kjeldgaard D., Askegaard, S, 2006). The great example of global communication is internet as it is assumed to cross the cultural barriers.(Cheon.H.J,C-H., & Sutherland,J.(2007). Difference of opinions are found in the cultures and between the culture. For example, after the battle of Waterloo,…
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