How to Investigate for Specific Research on Teachers' Programs, An Outline

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OBJECTIVES There is a need for the investigator to identify specific research aims or objectives and specific accomplishments which the researcher hopes to achieve by conducting the study in order to answer the research questions. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM: “A study to assess the effectiveness of planned teaching programme (PTP) on knowledge regarding management of selected obstetric emergencies among the final year GNM students of selected school of nursing, Belgaum, Karnataka” OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY: 1) To assess the existing level of knowledge among Final year GNM students regarding obstetric emergencies by using structured knowledge questionnaire. 2) To evaluate the effectiveness of PTP on knowledge regarding obstetrical emergencies among the Final year GNM students. 3) To associate the pre test level of knowledge on obstetric emergencies with selected demographic variables of the Final year GNM students. OPERATIONAL DEFINITIONS: Assess: Refers to the systematic process of collecting information about the pre test and post test knowledge on obstetrical emergencies among the Final year GNM students. Effectiveness: Refers to the extent to which the planned teaching programme on obstetrical emergencies achieved the desired effect in terms of gain in knowledge scores on obstetrical emergencies among the Final year GNM students. Planned Teaching Programme on Obstetrical Emergencies: Refers to the systematic, structured lesson plan on obstetrical emergencies
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