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Individual Student Profile Knowing and articulating a personal philosophy is a valuable activity. In the educational field, this is certainly no different. Articulating one’s personal philosophy on learning is worthwhile and valuable because it helps bring into focus why one makes decisions in a certain way. In teaching and learning, decisions are constantly being made, and so it is important to have a clear understanding of one’s own personal philosophy so decisions will be made in accordance with it. Writing a personal philosophy helps one to clearly see his or her own values and goals. A personal education philosophy is a reflection of beliefs, experience, and education. The paper that follows is my philosophy of learning, which…show more content…
So, although doing and self-learning are important aspects, outside expert guidance should not be discounted, rather valued as an intricate and vital part of quality learning. I believe that learning occurs best when students are guided by an expert in authentic, meaningful tasks in an atmosphere of autonomy and freedom where mistakes are learned from, not punished, and students are encouraged to collaborate to achieve more than they knew they could. Teachers need to engage students in valuable and meaningful “doing” in order to achieve life-long self-directed learning. Purposeful significant learning requires active engagement in inquiry, strong motivation, and interaction with and feedback from others. The most memorable class I have ever partaken in was when I was in high school. It was my physics class. It was my favorite class because the teacher did an excellent job promoting active engagement in inquiry, motivation, and interaction. For example, instead of paper and pencil exams we performed a demonstration. The demonstration would be something like launching a car off of a ramp to land on a piece of paper, with the teacher’s face on it, several feet away; or dropping a Barbie doll off of a ledge with the correct length and tension of a rubber band bungee cord so the doll would get a close as possible to a bucket of water without actually getting wet. These demonstrations were fun, motivating, and exciting. This is what

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