Innovation : Produce Environmental Friendly Corporate Gift

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1. Opportunity Opportunity (Vesper 1999) may be a result of: systematic search or (Timmons 1990) well planned strategy or market analysis or customer surveys (Gatewood et al 1995; Gartner et al 1994) or accidentally discovered. Conceptual entrepreneur models of opportunity recognition processes have been developed by many researchers: Bhave, 1994; Hills et al, 2004; Singha & Gibbs, 2013; Ozgen, 2003; Chandler et al, 2002; Ardichvili, 2003. To explain my opportunity recognition I will follow Ardichvili model. Our company will provide variety of corporate gifts and promotional items to local business and industries in Gauteng. Our vision: Produce environmental friendly corporate gift. Customer `s satisfaction counts to hilt, and our duty…show more content…
We have discovered the core problem through our weak ties, partnership and inner circle. We have evaluated the problem and development solution. 2. Market analysis Our focus will be on business market (which will include all organizations that buy goods to be used in the promotion of their products and services to others. We will segment our business market into buying approaches; focusing on organizations that need quick delivery and service around Gauteng (Kotler, P. & Armstrong, 2010). Having working experience in the industry and we know problems that are experienced by both customer and small to medium enterprises. It is clear from the survey done, majority of companies do use corporate to some extent. A huge scope of businesses believes that majority of the promotional items given to their and potential clients are use these item regular. Businesses acknowledge that they have a positive impact on the client strongly agree they have some influence on repeated business, renewed contracts etc. Most companies agree that these items play very import part in marketing their products and services; they would issue them out every day if it was possible. Majority of the organizations spend R10 000 and more on corporate gifts and promotional items. Most companies believe that these items will lead to business referral. Majority of business are still comfortable with 30 day
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