Internal Review Procedures That Facilitate High Quality Standards in the Organization

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4. Quality Control
Corresponds to Technical Evaluation Factor 4 (i) Internal review procedures that facilitate high quality standards in the organization.
Einhorn Yaffee Prescott (EYP) integrates quality assurance planning and quality control reviews into a single, pervasive professional culture of Quality Management. Documented in detail in the EYP Quality Management Plan, our procedures recognize that for every project our clients have a unique blend of objec¬tives—and un¬derstanding those objectives is critical to successful project delivery. EYP’s inter¬nal QC proce¬dures, therefore, begin in the planning stage of each project. In summary: (a) We work with the client to ensure a common understanding of the project scope.
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(b) Our Project Directors par¬ticipate directly in projects. They take lead roles in perform¬ing complex tasks and preparing deliverables. (c) We prepare frequent interim prod¬ucts, such as outlines of deliverables, punch lists, and so forth. Project Managers review these items to provide early feedback to staff members, and to help focus their efforts. (d) Major interim and final audit findings are subject to independent QA/QC reviews. These reviews are standard at EYP, and do not impede the timeliness of our work. Our internal quality control system is based on the principle that en¬suring high technical quality throughout a project also ensures com¬pliance with budgets and schedules. (e) We use systematic quality checks, including standard operating pro¬cedures and check¬lists. (f) We build peer review into projects wherever appropriate. (g) We apply high standards of editorial quality to all deliverables, to ensure that our findings and recommendations are clearly articulated. (h) We carefully manage working files, to help support QC reviews at each stage of a project. (ii) Individuals who will directly supervise or review projects specifically regarding quality control.
Under a GSA Schedule Contract, we will assign individual Task Orders to Project Directors with the necessary depth of expertise and availability to manage the project to successful completion. The Project Director will