International Human Resource Management

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1. What are the main similarities and differences between domestic and international HRM? • More HR activities. • The need for a broader perspective • More involvement in employees’ personal lives. • Changes in emphasis as the workforce mix of expatriates and a local varies. • Risk exposure. • Broader external influences. • Cultural awareness and the role of the international HR manager o Despite the methodological concerns about cross-cultural research, it is now generally recognized that culturally insensitive attitudes and behaviors stemming from ignorance or from misguided beliefs are not only inappropriate but can all-too-often contribute to international…show more content…
4. What are some of the challenges faced in training expatriate managers? • Cultural awareness training • It is generally accepted that, to be effective, the expatriate employee must adapt to and not feel isolated from the host country. • Preliminary visits • One technique that can be very useful in orienting international employees is to send them on a preliminary visit to the host country. A well-planned visit for the candidate and spouse provides a preview that allows them to assess their suitability for and interest in the assignment. Such a visit also serves to introduce expatriate candidates to the business context in the host location and helps encourage more informed pre departure preparation. • Language instruction • Language training is a seemingly obvious, desirable component of a pre-departure program. However, it is consistently ranked below that of the desirability for cultural awareness training. • Assistance with practical day-to-day matters • Practical assistance makes an important contribution toward the adaptation of the expatriate and his or her family to their new environment. • Security briefings. • This has become necessary as expatriates increasingly relocate to locations where personal safety may be a concern, and therefore presents increased and unfamiliar threats to their health, safety and security. 5. Why is
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