Internet Marketing Tool: Bouce Rate

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Bounce rate
Bounce rate is an internet marketing tool used for web sites analytics. Bounce rate is considered to be the most promising tool for understanding the status of any web sites. Bounce rate represents the percentage of visitors who entered the web sites and “bounced” (left the site) rather than continuing visting further pages on the same web sites.
Bounce rate in simple layman terms can be said rate of effectiveness of web sites in encouraging the visitor to continue to their visit. It is expressed as the percentage and represents the proportion of visits that ends on the very first page of web sites.
Bounced rate helps in determining the effectiveness of entry page whether it is able to generate interest of visitors or not. An entry page with low bounce rate is considered to be ideal for the web sites and highly effective which causes visitors to visit deeper into the web sites. High bounce rate indicates the in effectiveness of the web sites. An average web sites on the internet has about 50 percent of the bounce rate which is considered to be doing well. Above 60 percent bounce rate is alarming and if it crosses the line of 80 percent, we can consider it to be a major problem or a major failure of the web sites.
Interpretation of bounce of rate should be in relevance with the business objectives and the definition of conversation of the company which has made the web sites. On the web sites where the objective is fulfilled by directly visiting the first page,

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