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Bachelor of Business Administration in

International Office Management


The Individual research project


Bachelor of Business Administration in

Office Management

The Individual research project


Academic year: 2009/2010

Research Project Co-ordinator:

Afke Moufakkir-van der Woud BA., MA., PhD.

Guide developed in cooperation with Dr. O. Moufakkir from the Department of Tourism Management, Institute of Leisure and Labour at the CHN

Stenden University-Institute of Office Management
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1.1 The individual research project

The research project is an individual project and can be done in English or Dutch. The project is commissioned by the host company. Before starting your placement or shortly after starting work, the subject of the research Project needs to be decided on in consultation with the host company. Approximately 15% of the time should be spent on the project.
The project is a research project very much like the research project you undertook in the strategic management semester during the third year of study. It comprises of a literature research, data collection, data analysis, conclusions and recommendations. In consultation with the internship/academic supervisor and the company concerned the project may include an implementation phase focusing on practical improvements in work procedures and processes.

In each of the first four progress reports the internship/academic supervisor (mentor) will pay attention to the progress of the project and coach you where necessary. The project will also be discussed during placement visits. If necessary the internship/academic supervisor will indicate some improvements/changes in order to maintain the level of OM graduates. This means that you have to work on the project all through the 7/10 months of your industrial placement. You are

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