Jung Personality Typology Test Is Designed For Determine Personality Type

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Jung Personality Typology Test is designed to determine personality type. There are 16 different personality types measured by 8 traits: extraversion, introversion, sensing, intuition, feeling, thinking, judging, and perceiving. The leader’s results are predominately extrovert, slight preference of sensing over intuition, slight preference of feeling over thinking, and slight preference of judging over perceiving (Jung Typology Test, 2017). The Communications Quiz is designed to measure how effective leaders are at all points in the communications process. The results determined the leader was a capable communicator, however the leader needed to take the time and think about the approach to communication, and concentrate on receiving…show more content…
Part 4. Relationship Building Action Plan People skills are instrumental to a leader’s success because they allow leaders to effectively communicate and listen to their employees. They add value to the organization by creating trust and mutual respect. Leaders with good people skills communicate effectively, listen to their employees, understand their employees, and their employees trust them. The leader’s performance was severely affected from lack of people skills. Communication, emotional IQ, and personality were all areas that the leader needed to improve upon. Communication was identified multiple times in the peer review and evaluation as a deficiency. The leader’s lack of communication directly led to a loss of productivity in the department. Furthermore, employees felt that they were not being listening to, leading to a loss of moral and trust. Also, the leader was completely oblivious to the emotions within the department. If the leader would have taken the time to perceive and understand the employees’ emotions, they would have been able to identify the issues within the department and take corrective measures. Also, things would have never gotten this out of hand if the leader had a better personality. Many of the employees felt the leader was unapproachable and acted better than they were, causing employees to stop following the leader. The leader follower relationship is instrumental to fulfilling the strategic plan of the leader. The leader
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