Lab 4.1 Biology Synthesis Essay

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Pre-Lab #4
1. Two adaptation that are necessary for photosynthetic algae to make the transition from aquatic to terrestrial habitats is that they always need to have moisture, so they will not dry out. Desiccation will cause the terrestrial algae to die out. Another adaptation is that they need a different way to acquire nutrients. Now, they are terrestrial algae, they need a new food source that provides the same nutrients that they acquired from their aquatic habitat.
Genus of Organism Common Name Kingdom Phylum Class Method of Nutrition Reproductive Method
Spirogyra Mermaid’s Hair Plantae Chlorophyla Zygnemophyceae Photosynthesis Sexual Reproduction
Asexual Reproduction: Mitosis
Volvox Colonial Green Algae Plantae Chlorophyta Chlorophyceae Photosynthesis Sexual

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