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There is a lot of debate on the differences between leadership and management. In the sports profession there are both leaders and managers. Which positions historically lead and which positions do more managing?

With this thought in mind, add your comments to the questions listed below in the discussion section. Feel free to add to existing comments.

Leadership and Management

Which positions (jobs) in the sports profession do individuals do more "leading" than "managing"? Which individuals do more "managing" than "leading?” Pick at least two positions for each category and then justify your response

The leading difference between managers and leaders is the way they influence the people who work or follow them, and this
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A surprising number of these leaders had some form of handicap in their lives which they had to overcome. Some had traumatic childhoods, some had problems such as dyslexia, others were shorter than average. This perhaps taught them the independence of mind that is needed to go out on a limb and not worry about what others are thinking about you.
In summary
This table summarizes the above (and more) and gives a sense of the differences between being a leader and being a manager. This is, of course, an illustrative characterization, and there is a whole spectrum between either ends of these scales along which each role can range. And many people lead and manage at the same time, and so may display a combination of behaviors. Subject | Leader | Manager | Essence | Change | Stability | Focus | Leading people | Managing work | Have | Followers | Subordinates | Horizon | Long-term | Short-term | Seeks | Vision | Objectives | Approach | Sets direction | Plans detail | Decision | Facilitates | Makes | Power | Personal charisma | Formal authority | Appeal to | Heart | Head | Energy | Passion | Control | Culture | Shapes | Enacts | Dynamic | Proactive | Reactive | Persuasion | Sell | Tell | Style | Transformational | Transactional | Exchange | Excitement for work | Money for work
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