Make and Receive Telephone Calls

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Make and Receive Telephone Calls
This unit is about making and receiving telephone calls and transferring calls, when necessary, in a business environment.
1- Understand how to make telephone calls.
1.1 Describe the different features of telephone systems and how to use them.
Telephone systems have many different features this allows us to handle and manage calls in a professional manner.
• Call holding- places a caller on hold so you can perform another task. This could be to locate paperwork, find client/customer details, retrieve information from another member of staff or contact another colleague to divert the call along to.
• Call waiting- lets you know when there is a caller waiting on another line and wishes to speak to you.
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Whenever you make a call you are your companies representative so it is always important to be as polite and as helpful as possible as this may in turn create more custom for your business.
1.6 Explain the purpose of summarising the outcomes of a telephone conversation before ending the call.
Summarising is important so both parties involved are sure of the information that has been exchanged, it also ensures all questions are answered fully. For example during a long conversation about several different products your company produces you say “£5 per unit” but the caller thinks you said “5 units per £” so summarising will prevent misunderstanding and incorrect information being relayed in a different company. Also if the conversation was long some finer details may have been missed simply due to the large amount of information discussed. Some companies have a policy were a courtesy email is sent to the caller in which all the information from the call has been summarised and additional information can be added.
1.7 Describe how to identify problems and who to refer them to.
When a call comes into the office always take a name (full if possible and preferably) and the company they are calling from, try and obtain from the caller either what the problem is exactly or from which department the problem arisen from and if they know who within the department they spoke to. Pass message along to department or relevant staff and see what information can be found to

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