Maketing plan for Sonic 1000 Essay

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Sonic 1000 is a new multimedia, dual-mode smartphone is prepared to launch by Sonic in a mature market.
Specific segments target in consumer and business markets, taking advantage of the growing interest in a single powerful but affordable device with extensive communication, organization, and entertaiment benefit.

The primary marketing objective

◦ Achieve first year US market share of 1% with unit sales of 800,000.

The primary financial objectives

◦ Achive first year sales revenues of $200 million
◦ Keep first year losses to less than $40 million and break even early in the second year.

Sonic’s market consists of consumers and business users who need to conveniently store,
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Achievable objectives for the first and second years of market entry.

3.2 Target Markets Sonic’s strategy is based on a positioning of product differentiation.
Primary consumer target:
Middle income
Upper income
Secondary consumer Target:
High school
Graduate students

 Primary

consumer target:
• Full loaded device for busy schedule • Connect with family/ colleagues
• Entertained on the go
The Sonic 1000:
• Mid- to large-sized corp. with
100 employees=> (Managers and employees stay in touch & input or access critical data when out off the office

Upper income

Middle income

 Secondary

consumer target:

(age 16-30) & education status

 Social networking
 more extensive entertainment media consumption
The Sonic All media 2000:
 Small business owners
 Medical users

 Most

versatile, convenient, value-added model for personal and professional use
 Focus on the value-priced multiple communication, entertainment & information capabilities differentiating the Sonic 1000





 Sonic

100 with One year warranty
 Establish Sonic branch -> The branch &
Logo will be displayed on products, packaging & all marketing campaigns
 Sonic All Media 2000 for the following year Sonic

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