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Manager can be defined as a person who fulfilled the elemental managerial functions such as motivating, planning, controlling and organizing. However, manager is a first person who responsible for understanding the process of management. In general, manager is the one who makes decisions and plans on supervises, organises, and control resources, finance, human resources and information of the business. These were defined by Katarzyna Cieslinska(2007). Moreover, the project management was defined by the ‘Project Management Institute’ as the application of skills, knowledge, techniques and tools to meets the requests of the projects and also illustrates high quality projects deliver require service, product and result in time,
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Consequently, the skills called “Interaction Essentials” or SM was found from the researches and created development programs over 40 years. Interaction Essentials are the core behaviours that make both managers and team members work more effective and these skills helps individuals meet practical needs and private requirements. Improve and retain self-esteem, listen and response with empathy, ask for help and encourage involvement, share emotions, opinions and build trust between workforces and leaders, and provide support to build ownership are the principles demonstrate the positive value of behaviours and ensure that needs of employees are met.

Firstly, self-esteem is the second highest need in Maslow’s hierarchy. The results of high self-esteem are high job satisfaction, high level of career, improve engagement and motivation, more innovation at work, high quality work and better professional and personal relationships. For the one that maintain and enhance the others’ self-esteem seems to be enjoy team communication, greatly effective and have less tension in their work places which these lead workers to higher loyalty, performance and job satisfaction and interpersonal trust(Bowling et al 2010). To apply this on the module, all of the group members want to have highest scores as possible, so, all of the members work hard to have high quality project. Second, response and listen with empathy is a significant skill to have in order to identify thoughts,
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