Management Analysis Of The Body Shop

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Fawwaz Bugis
Management analysis of The Body Shop

The study is going to conduct a management analysis for the chosen company, which is a considered as a relevant intervention in order to increase the profitability of the chosen product. The study is going to explain the procedures applied by the chosen company as it shows relevant management process that is related to a procedure for improving productivity. In addition, it seeks to explore the impacts of management analysis applied by the chosen company including learning insights applied by the company.

Introduction of the company
The chosen company is The Body Shop, which is a Multinational Corporation that is responsible for manufacturing and distributing cosmetics, make up, and skin care products such as skin care communication products, gaming, and skin care products worldwide. The Body Shop is one of the oldest but one of the most successful companies to produce cosmetic and skin care products in the market. The Body Shop is currently headquartered in Littlehanpton, West Sussex, England, United Kingdom. The Body Shop’s management professionalism made the image of the company to be affiliated with L’Oreal, which is a known luxurious cosmetic brand in the fashion industry. This makes the company’s cosmetics make up, and skin care products to generate higher consumer demands in the cosmetics and in fashion industries that have been considered as the most in successful product line in

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