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Part A – Case Study 1. How will you provide formal & informal feedback to staff? One of the most efficient procedure to provide feedback to staff, is providing a system of ongoing feedback on issues of performance which creates an open dialogue with staff about any issues or problems happening in the workplace. Supervisors and managers should make staff comfortable about the feedback to be given or received in order to make them improve their performance and bring positive results to the organization. By providing positive or negative feedback, it’s essential to prepare well before talking with employees. Staffs feedback can and often does occur in the form of a structured formal review, but it doesn’t have to, it can be informal as…show more content…
The feedback forms can include questions that are measured on a rating scale and also ask raters to provide written comments. The person receiving feedback also fills out a self-rating survey that includes the same survey questions that others receive in their forms. Feedback should not only be ongoing, there should be times when it should be formal. For ongoing, informal feedback, such steps should be considered in the structured feedback session: Timely - provide feedback as soon as possible Specific - Adress the behaviour in a performance in terms of measureable outcomes "Owned" by the giver" - Using "I" and "my" to take responsability Understood by the received - ask employees to rephrase the feedback to ensure they understood it. Follow-up with an action plan - work with the employee to find ways to improve his or her performance Given no surprises 6. Write a performance improvement plan for the staff with poor performance on sales. Base you plan on the example given below: Area of Improvement Improvement Plan Performance Indicator Goal Monitor and Review Increase sales Training conversation by phone 25 % sales increase rate next year Managers will received reports and constant feedbacks about the increase number target. Improve relationships in the workplace Staffs to be monitored regards diversity inclusion in the workplace No performance indicator, this will be analyzed by observation No performance indicator, this will
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