Methods of Communication

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Methods of Communication
Jamey L. Brown
University of Phoenix

People communicate in many different ways. There is verbal and non-verbal communication. Communication between genders is another challenge that we face, as well as people from other cultural backgrounds. For team work in the work place to work we must face these challenges and learn how to overcome them.

There are three functions to verbal communication in groups, task ordering, process orientation, and narrative (Harris, 2008). Task ordering focuses on either/or choices and creates a purpose. Small groups are usually formed to achieve a goal (Harris, 2008). Process orientation is how we say something. Many teams have failed because plans have been derailed …show more content…

Diversity describes a national or world community made up of people with different cultures, languages, and social customs different from our own. (Harris, 2008). In the Japanese culture, words are assumed to be used for social purposes to ensure how many rather than for argument and settling difference in points of view (Harris, 2008). Our culture provides us with certain ideas about the proper use of

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