Mission Statement Of The Coca Cola Company

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The company of focus is the coca cola company; it is a multinational company aimed at catering the world’s need for beverages. The starting point of the company begins with the company’s mission statement. The mission indicates that the sole aim of the company is to refresh the world, inspire moments of optimism and happiness and eventually to create value and make a difference. The vision of the company similarly serves as a referral point for the business that is largely multinational. In order to sustain this significant growth by the company, the vision stated by the company points out what it needs to do. The vision states that in terms of people, it aspires to be a great place to work, where the people are inspired to be the best versions of themselves. Coca-cola, brings forth to the globe a quality portfolio of beverage brands that attempt to satisfy the people's desires. The company also seeks to establish a loyal and winning customer network and suppliers which aims to create an enduring relationship with their clients. The company also aims to be highly productive and a fast-paced organization (Grundy,213-229). 1. The risk of entry by potential competitors. Industries that remit high returns, in the end, will always attract new entries in the business. However, new entrants will mean a decline in the general profits of any given firm. Unless the entry of new players is rendered impossible by incumbents and long playing firms, like in our case coca cola. Through
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