Mobile Farmer 's Market For Hebni Nutrition Consultants Essay

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The project that I have pick is for the Mobile Farmer’s Market for Hebni Nutrition Consultants, Inc. This organization has always caught my attention for what they do and how they do it, they’re a nonprofit organization that provided nutrient counselling and also educated classes to individuals from all over, or different walks of life. . (Hebni, n.d.) You have to have different skills, so the education is part of a large corporate sponsor and they also have funded the education, this is why it’s free to the public but it’s done by appointment only They Mobile farmers Market is great, because it’s a city bus that has been fix and retrofitted to make sure it resembles a grocery store, which was a great idea that has made a lot of noise, because of its resembles to a store produce isle. The bus is also great because it travels, it goes to areas that have been designated by the USDA, which has focus as food deserts that also is great because it provided the different residents with cheaper fruits and vegetables that will be at a low cost. This paper will be great because it will explore the closing process of the project, and this will be the process as it pertains or is listed for the Mobile Farmers Market, which will be very good. This paper will provide the outline of the different procedures for the closing phase that is listed under a project plan. With a brief summary, I will outline the closing phase activities that will be a summary of action, this will be part of each

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