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Introduction Mobile I-cream sells home-made products from District 1 to District 3 in Ho Chi Minh City. This close corporation opens in three shifts morning (8am – 12pm), afternoon (1pm – 5 pm), and evening (6pm – 10pm). As required by Ha – Mobile I-cream’s owner, this business report will analyze the general trends on sales during April and June. The findings will later be used to offer a set of possible recommendations for expanding Mobile I-cream to other districts. Analysis In terms of sales percentage every shift, afternoon mentioned by 39% of customers with evening shift and morning shift were given by 34% and 29% (Figure 1). Due to hot weather in afternoon, people prefer to eat ice cream to cool the inside heat down. An …show more content…

This zone is one of center districts in which has a plenty number of recreational activities, including several well-known ice cream restaurants. As noted by Schonberg (2012), Fanny Ice Cream, which opens four sites in this area, is widely chosen due to delicious flavors. Bach Dang Ice Cream, moreover, is extremely popular with not only local people but also foreign tourists (Slurp 2005). Although this restaurant do not have a variety of flavors, it is situated in an easily noticeable place in the tourist trips. Bud’s Ice Cream and Baskin Robbins are also enjoyed widespread popularity. Euromonitor (cited in Masso Group 2013) states that the rise of personal income, the massive waves of urbanization, and the expansion of middle class, are responsible for Vietnamese people willing to spend more money on food and eating out. Although those restaurants might have a higher price than Mobile I-cream, they usually attract a huge number clients. This can be explained that lifestyle which being seen at the stores is as important as a wide variety of ice-cream flavor. Mobile I-Cream, thus, faces strong competitions from other rivals Social network would be an effective channel to interact with consumers. They might share their experiences and give suggestion to their relatives after tasting. Advertising through social network,

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