Motivation Is Central Of Creativity, Productivity And Happiness

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Motivation is central to creativity, productivity and happiness. Motivation is what causes a person to react the way they do to a situation. It is what drives a person to get more of what they want and feel passionate about in their lives. It gives that person a sense of happiness and creates purpose.
On the other hand, de-motivation is how a person unwillingness to react to a situation with a positive outlook and enthusiasm. The person has lost their drive and lack interest.
Kaluyu Memorial Hospital has many indications that the staff and more importantly the leaders have been de-motivated, and lack interest in their job. The staff has no sense of a team environment, fear has crippled the staff, and there is no confidence in reporting of inappropriate behavior, the staff feels that the leadership does not care about them, i.e. the refrigerators that do not work well.
Kaluyu Memorial Hospital is suffering severely from the impact of the de-motivated staff and leadership. Leadership at the hospital show no concern when staff return to work with unwashed or unchanged cloths. That should have been an indication to leadership that the employee is de-motived and does not good hygiene. One negative impact of the de-motivated staff is the patients are not receiving adequate care for the severe cases patients and could possibly be detrimental, especially to the weaken immune system of the HIV/AIDS ward patients. If the hospital leaders do not make some changes the hospital will

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