My Influence On My Language Essay

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As a writer, I know that I am privileged. I grew up in an all-white home with all-white relatives who all speak English. The only way that I did not receive complete privilege was that I was raised poor. Neither of my parents went to college, my mother never even finished high school, so while I had the privilege of my skin tone, I started behind some of my peers because I was not raised with academic English. The neighborhood that I grew up in was primarily Hispanic, where many of the other children spoke only Spanish in the home. This means that while I was privileged at school, I was often left out in my neighborhood. I do not believe that my immediate family made a huge impact on my language. As soon as I started school I gulped down Standard English and gave up any words or phrases that differentiated me from my wealthier peers. I’m sure that my peers have also influenced my language by adding slang terms to it, but I typically only notice this impact when I am talking to my grandmother and she no longer understands what I am saying. I don’t believe I have gained many new terms from texting either, since I generally type full sentences that are grammatically correct even when just messaging a friend. Even though newly coined terms do eventually wriggle their way into my speech, I believe I know far less slang than those around me. It is not unusual for my peers to use slang that I have never heard of. I feel that I am a bit out of touch with new fashions and slang due

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