My Job At The Age Of 16

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Most employees cannot differentiate between a good and a bad manager until they work with a bad one. I have worked in multiple jobs in different industries, holding different positions and performing different functions. I got my first job at the age of 16. A week later, got another job as a part time employee. This time, I was still in high school. Since then, I have transited through five jobs until I landed a job with my current employer where I have been working for the past two years. Having met different managers with different personalities and behaviors, I have an experience of how different managers treat their employees and how it affects them. This vast experience has given me an opportunity to become a manager in my current …show more content…

They work with the notion that they are the “boss” and do not need to associate with their juniors provided that job is being done the way they need it to be done. A good manager will consider the work to be done and the employees available to perform the work to avoid overload. In case of absenteeism, they will find a way to fill the created space and ensure that quality and quantity is met without overworking the present employees. Alternatively, if the work is not urgent, it can be suspended for another day when the right number of workforce is present. In case of any faults in the production system, a good manager will first ask for the factors that might have contributed to the problem before taking actions. This promotes happiness and job satisfaction among the workforce. A bad manager does not care about the amount of work to be performed by each employee and what they care most is to achieve the daily production cost. Any faults resulting from employee fatigue due to overload of work may lead to punishments and employees are not given time to explain themselves. A good manager is always organized. They gave a well-crafted plan on what need to be done and when to be done. They understand the goals of the business and do what it takes to achieve these goals. They do not things go astray from what they have planned unless it is for the better. At their position, they are in a

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