My Leadership Platform: Taking Responsibility

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Taking Responsibility
At this stage in my career, the structure of my leadership platform embodies self-awareness and innovation for the development of the greater good of my mission. Through my mission, the greater good will be accomplished. This platform emphasizes the implement specific plans for my mission and vision. This leadership platform will also, show the connection of local and global communities. Furthermore, this will show the emphases my leadership development strategies that not only support the organization, but the employees and the surrounding communities.
My mission as a leader is to provide outstanding customer service through safety, innovation, knowledge and supportive services to my team. The first step in my leadership
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In addition, helping my team to cultivate these qualities through motivation and problem-solving training for the employees this will also help support the mission in providing outstanding service. According to the reading Leadership Theory and Practice by Northouse (2013 p.48), Mumford, Zaccaro, Harding, et al. (2000), problem-solving skills are a leader’s creative ability to solve new and unusual, ill-defined organizational problems.
It is evident, that I will have challenges during my leadership journey. The challenges of organizational service climate on customer satisfaction. The service climate can change across, the local department as well as the global department within the organization. As a leader in the organization, standardizing service delivery globally throughout the organization making sure that the departments are transparent when delivering service to our
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There are three major departments, I will focus on to show the connection of how I will engage with the local and global communities Total Access, E-business, and Branch services. These three departments run the organization perception to our customer, shareholders and the community. There are a set of requirements that is needed within each department that must be followed to the letter for this organization to function successfully. As mentioned previously, I want to have a supportive environment to all employees and holding quarterly courses to help employees achieve the goals of the department. I want to be able to hold annual customer service in services that allow for an employee to have a learning growth chart to show success in ways to exceed the standards for customers. I want all employees to have different communications techniques to ensure they are providing good service and receiving good service for other staff member and myself. To sum up, my leadership platform Proficiency and effectiveness will
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