Essay on My Philosophy of Teaching

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Philosophy Because a good education is essential for any person to function in society, the main goal for all public educators should be to give students an education that prepares them for life, college, or the work force. Public education must teach the basic skills that all individuals need to be productive in whatever path of life they take. School should have programs that are geared for students that intend on going to college and good vocational programs for the students that feel college is not the path they want to take. When I become a principal I will try to have more vocational programs in my high school. Receiving a good education is essential in whatever a person plans to do with his or her life. If a person …show more content…

This view of education is very wrong because not everyone fits the academic mold. Many of my friends graduated with a vocational track diploma in electronics or carpentry. They are making fifteen dollars and hour and I am making zero dollars trying to make it through college. My friends are very educated in their area of expertise. Still they had to receive some kind of education to be successful in what they are doing. Secondary education needs to have good vocational programs that allow students to receive certifications in areas such as these. Educators need to realize not all students are bound for college and vocational programs are essential in providing an education for all students. As a teacher I hope that I can change a child’s life. I hope to give them hope in something better than what they may have. I see so many of my high school friends that have done nothing with their life because they feel that they are nothing. Many of them came from poor families that instilled in them that education is not important. Their families tell them that they are poor and poor people can never advance in life. I hope to make them see that being poor does not control their future. I will encourage them to get an education to improve the lifestyle that they have. I hope to motivate my students to reach for their dreams. I believe that with hard work and a strong

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