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Nursing Research First published: 1952 Importance: Research began expanding to establish standards of caring in nursing, prompting the publication of the first nursing research journal. “Research conducted by the ANA and other specialty groups provided the basis for nursing practice standards that currently guide professional practice. The increase in research activity in the 1940’s prompted the first publication of Nursing Research” (Burns & Grove, 2007, p. 12). Sigma Theta Tau Journal published by this organization is now called Image—The Journal of Nursing Scholarship First published: 1967 Importance: During the 1960's nurse contributed greatly to the nursing research and development of nursing practice. First published…show more content…
In 1993 it was renamed the National Institute for Nursing Research (NINR). NINR supports and conducts clinical research on health and illness, focusing on health promotion and disease prevention, quality of life, health disparities, and end-of-life (National Institute for Nursing Research, 2011). Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR) Established: 1989 Goal: Assist the conduct of outcome research studies to determine quality and cost-effectiveness of patient care (Burns & Grove, 2011). Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Established: 1999 Goal: "Supports research designed to improve the quality of health care; conducting research that provides evidence-based information on healthcare outcomes, quality, cost, use, and access"(Burns & Grove, 2011, p. 15). Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Health People 2010 Established: 2000 Goal: A a comprehensive, nationwide program intended to improve the overall health of Americans and eliminating health disparities by meeting 467 health promotion and disease prevention objectives by the year 2010 (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2009). Sigma Theta Tau Established: 1922 Goal: "The mission of the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International is to support the learning, knowledge and professional development of nurses committed to making a difference in health

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