Objectives And Objectives Of A Project Management

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I am extremely upbeat to impart my learnings on this course by righteousness of this term project. I have attempted to abridge a significance of the vast knowledge that I picked up from this course, and my experience with my assignments and projects.
Project Management is the art of arranging, sorting out, spurring, and controlling resources to attain specific objectives. A project is a brief endeavor intended to deliver a unique product, service, attempted to meet extraordinary objectives and goals, commonly to achieve helpful change or included quality.
To summarize,there should be a framework or model which we can use to achieve both strategy formulation and execution excellence. The sequence of steps will help us implement a successful project management.
Step 1: Identify the unit for which a Project strategy is being developed. Understand the business statergy and the priorities and objectives.
Step 2: Define the Project planning and Project implementation
Step 3: Identify the key sources of competitive advantage (Business Strategy)
Step 4: Identify key organizational capabilities and cultural capabilities . Translate them how people are going to behave – How will people behave differently in future than they do today if those capabilities are executed at ideal level.
Kerzner triangle :
The Kerzner Triangle displays three main constraints under which a project is done. They are cost, time and performance. If there is any change in any of the constraints, then the

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