Organization Design And Organizational Design

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Several organizations face the situation that the company fail to achieve their goals because the company managers did not understand company’s organizational design, or less clear about how does organizational design work (Daft, 2015). MindTools (2016) noted that the definition of the organization design is “the process of aligning an organization 's structure with its mission”. This means the company uses organization design to identify the mistake of procedures, structures, systems, and workflow of the organization, and change the mistake to fit the current company mission, and then improves ideas to implement the new changes (MindTools, 2016). Some managers use the organization design to look at the complex relationship between workflow, and make the process support the objective of the organization (Allen, n.d.; MindTools, 2016). Organization design creates an effective environment where employees can work effectively because of good communications, productivity, and innovation. Understanding organization’s design, and choosing the right strategy for the company make the company becomes a successful in the competition market (Daft, 2015). Design of organizations Knowing design of organization makes the company managers find the problems of the company, and create effective strategies to deal with the problems. It is important to make sure that the organization design is fit for organization 's purpose and for the people within the company. Daft (2015) explained that
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