Organizational Behavior And The Organization

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It is important to understand what behavior and culture in an organization means in order to have a better understanding of the whole scenario. From this perspective, then a manager can better know how to incorporate what he or she knows and what the organization at large is comprised of. According to Borkowski, (2011), the definition provided states that “organizational behavior is the study of individuals and group’s dynamics within an organization setting” (p.3). Organizational culture on the other hand can be described as the system where shared values, beliefs and actions are developed thereby, guiding the behavior of the organization. It is therefore imperative to understand that there is bound to be a certain behavior in any…show more content…
These behaviors definitely play an important role in developing, enhancing the overall performance of the organization, the individual and groups by bringing satisfaction and encouraging commitment to each other’s part. Communication, motivation and leadership are concepts within the organizational behavior and are therefore considered as skills managers and leaders need to possess in order to lead the dynamic and complex industry of healthcare (Borkowski, 2011, p.4). Healthcare has definitely evolved with time and given the service related intensity of this industry managers should be able to predict influence the behavior or employees in order to achieve the goals for their organizations. Managers are expected to understand the causes of workplace problems, conflicts, stress thereby minimizing negative outcomes. These changes in healthcare has seen patients becoming more informed and in turn have more expectations of their care providers and the hospital organizations. These trends and changes, therefore, have forced managers and leaders change how employees carry out their job responsibilities. Workplace communication is essential as information is relayed from one individual to another or from one department to another and therefore the way it is transmitted and received will ensure efficiency and effectiveness. Through communication managers can organize,
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