Organizational Leaders : The Health System Of Choice Of Patients, Physicians, And Employees

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To be competitive and profitable in today’s healthcare industry, organizational leaders must have an appreciation and clear understanding of their clients, culture, business market, and all stakeholders with whom they conduct business. In an effort for Palomar Medical Center to maintain a competitive advantage, we must ensure that our mission, vision, and values are aligned with our organization’s business objectives; but most important, with our clients’ values.
Mission, Value, & Vision
Our mission is “To heal, comfort and promote health in the communities we serve.” Vision: “Palomar health will be the health system of choice of patients, physicians and employees, recognized nationally for the highest quality of clinical care and access
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Types of services:
Palomar: The Only level-II trauma facility in the North County region. The hospital provides Heart and vascular services including medical cardiology, diagnostic, interventional cardiology , cardiology surgical, cardiac rehabilitation, and vascular services. Orthopedic trauma and fracture care, treatment for joint problems, knee and hip replacement, spine surgeries and conservative treatment and orthopedic rehabilitation. Birth center provides labor, delivery, recovery rooms, neonatal intensive care unit, inpatient and outpatient pregnancy care. It also provides bariatric surgeries like gastric bypass surgery, lap band, vertical sleeve gastrectomy, and revisional surgery. Lastly, Jean McLaughlin Women 's Center for Health and Healing provides a variety of counseling and imaging for breast services (Palomar Health specializing in You, 2015).
Tri-City Medical Center: Has a wide variety of services to different illnesses. Only robotic surgeries including gynecological, urological, orthopedic and cardiothoracic in the North County region, which really makes Tri-City unique in the area. Cardiovascular health institute offers cardiovascular screenings, interventional radiology, cardiovascular surgery, vascular surgery and cardiac rehabilitation and wellness. Orthopedic and spine institute offers wide range of non-surgical and surgical options for joints and spine problems. Emergency room is available 24 hours a day for receiving acute
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