The Differences And Similarities Of Directional Strategies Between Vanderbilt University Medical Center

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On this paper, I am going to discuss the differences and similarities of directional strategies between Vanderbilt university medical center in Nashville, TN and Methodist Healthcare system in San Antonio, TX. Later, I will explain which hospital in these two I preferred based on the organization mission, vision, and value statements. In summary, I talk about my experience with directional strategies with my current employer.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC)is not for profit hospital. It is a comprehensive academic medical center dedicated to patient care, research, and the education of health care professionals. VUMC health system facilities include four hospitals on the University’s campus with more than 50,000 discharges and …show more content…

Furthermore, its vision is for Methodist Healthcare to be a world-class health care provider, continually raising the standards of performance excellence and advancing the health status of the community. In doing so, it acknowledges it values of Compassionate Service, Ownership/Pride, Privacy, Safety, Accountability, Teamwork, Attitude, Appearance, Communication, and Fun (Methodist Healthcare System Of San Antonia, TX, n.d.)

Both Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Methodist Healthcare System visions are focus on healthcare services and community. VUMC vision is to innovate a healthcare services model that is systems-based and customized to everyone. For Methodist Healthcare System, is to be world -class health care provider, continually raising the standards of the health status of the community. VUMC mission is to shape the future of health and healthcare, on the other hand, Methodist healthcare system is to serving humanity to honor God. Vanderbilt University Medical Center is focus on healthcare in general, while Methodist Healthcare System focus more on humanity based on spiritual believe. Both values are based on patient satisfactions and its organizations which are very important to all healthcare organizations. Vanderbilt University Medical Center is providing a balance approach its targets, evaluations, and

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