Other Descriptive Research Methods

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Other Descriptive Research Methods l Developmental research l Case study l Job analysis l Observational research l Correlational studies ~Developmental Research l Is the study of changes in behaviors across years. l Infancy, childhood, adolescence, as well as, elderly.� The total human life span. l Longitudinal � follow same individuals over time l Cross-sectional � select different participants at each age level ~Longitudinal designs l Are time-consuming l Drop out rate l Participants become increasingly familiar with the test items l Items may cause a change in behavior ~Cross-Sectional Studies l Are less time-consuming l A cohort problem exists: are the environmental circumstances…show more content…
Ergonomics ~Observational Research Provides a means of collecting data by observing peoples behavior and qualitatively or quantitatively analyze the observations. The Questionnaire and interview are the participant�s self-report. ~Methods of Observational Research Behaviors to be observed � operationally defined Who will be observed is part of the sampling method The Setting � natural or unnatural, observer participation, behavior related to setting. Number of observations � related to time constraints and the behaviors Scoring the Observations: Computer assisted Narrative, or continual recording � records in sentences as they happen; slowest, least efficient Tallying, or frequency counting � record each occurrence of a certain behavior in a certain period. Interval method � does the certain behavior occur in a certain time period Duration method � A timed behavior by using a stop-watch or other timing device to record how much time an individual spends engaged in a certain behavior ~Videotape for Observation Can observe many students simultaneously Can take time recording the occurrences of specific behaviors Must set up the camera so that there is sufficient field of view, while being able to see the behavior. Proper lighting, etc. ~Weaknesses of Observational Research Operationally defined behaviors Using observation forms effectively requires
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